Doing What We Love; Working With Other Vets!

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We Have Always Taken Care of Our Own,
Let's Continue Doing So!  

Dear Fellow Vets,


(We also work with active-duty military

personnel and their families) 


First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlton L. Dowdy, US Army, (Ret.). During my 22 years with the military, I spent 24 months as an Infantry Officer, 36 months as a Company Commander, and four years in Law Enforcement and Corrections and several years as a Joint Services Logistician staff officer.


During my 36 months as a Company Commander, (the time I spent working closely with all those young soldiers was), without a doubt, the best time of my military career. And to be perfectly honest with you, had it not been for those soldiers (that worked like hell to help keep my ass out of "hot water" with my bosses), I would not have made it to retirement. 


Ha! Ha!  I can remember one time I was so ready to punch out my company commander, (when I was a young LT), the company 1SG told me that punching out the commander was not worth what could be a very fine military career!  Didn't know until then that he also had little respect for this dick!


I was not one of those smart West Point Guys. I graduated from a state college with a 2.9 Grade Point Average (not very impressive), and my writing skills were, well, you can probably tell by this letter. 


BUT, there was one thing that came Natural for Me. I had a passion for the troops I worked with, and the only time in my military career I got in trouble was when I was trying to take care of one or more of my soldiers.


There were a couple of situations when I almost got in a "fight" with my boss because I felt one of my soldiers was getting the "shit end of the stick," and that never worked for me! And that's Absolute Truth! 


After I retired, I screwed around for a while, started several businesses; they all failed. Then I joined the California Department of Corrections, where I spent eight years as a Correctional Peace Officer and Counselor. I thought that by working with cops, I would be able to recreate some of the feelings of closeness and trust I felt when I was in the military, unfortunately, except for a few cases I never did. So I retired and kept looking!


I looked long and hard trying to find something that could provide even a little of the camaraderie I experienced every day while in the military. Finally, after several years AND by the grace of GOD, I found what I had been looking for.


Please take just 22 minutes and look at the following video review it at least two (2) times or even three (3) times. If you want to spend the rest of your life working exclusively with veterans (you may also work with other than vets, but that's your choice), contact me, and I will show you how!  


Anyone who knew me while I was in the military knows that I spend as little time in my office as was possible. If that was you, Join Our Team, and we will show you how to walk away from that "JOB," the one that You Hate!  




I am building a SMALL ARMY of VETS, and I want you on our team. I need you on our team! The money potential remarkable, and for those who work hard, it could blow your mind and my team, and I will make sure you understand what you will need to do.  


And get this: You will never be required to sit behind a desk again, something I have always hated. I will also tell you this: Once you learn how to do what we do, you will never need to be concerned about finding a "JOB" and working for someone who neither understands or care about you again. Promise!




There is room for everyone sure would like to hear from you!




'the Colonel"

Carlton L. Dowdy, U.S. Army, (Ret.)

Email: / Ph Tex: 714-273-5223  


PS: We have team members in California, Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C., ... the list continues to grow, and we intend to continue building until we have team members in all 50 states and throughout Canada. But to accomplish this, we need 100's more, maybe thousands of more boots on the ground in all fifty states and Canada and the United Kindom. Join us and become part of something big, something that cares about you. - "the Colonel!"


PPS: You already have all the general training you need, and with a few hours of the specific training, you will be ready to hit the ground running. And this training can be accomplished in front of your computer and by phone.  Join Us


PPPS: By the way, anyone is allowed to join our team, but VETS and their families happen to be the people I enjoy working with most, no offense to anyone else, but vets are the guys who took care of me for so many years ... what else can I do!


SPECIAL OFFER! I will personally pay the start-up cost (which is only $99 at present) for the next 20 Vets who join our team if they agree to work the business for at least 5 hours per week for just 6 months and have your provider law firm prepare your FREE WILL, your FREE Medical Powers of Attorney and your FREE Financial Power of Attorney. 


WHY WOULD I REQUIRE THIS! There are a couple of reasons:


#1. Because I know that if you see how professional your provider law firm does this work for you, it will become evident that for just $25 per month membership cost, you will have put a powerful law firm at your fingertips!


#2. Because of the many times, I have seen family members past without having these Estate Documents in place and thereby witnessing the Pain and Suffering of those left behind because they could not agree on what should have been done about their assets or who should handle their finances or who would make any final life support decisions if required. 


Not to worry, preparing these documents will take no more than thirty (30) or less!


PPPS: I have another FREE surprise for you, BUT I need to have at least one surprise for you when we talk.